Welcome to Middle School

Meet Mrs. Brach

Mrs. Brach began teaching 5th grade in 2010 for Knox County schools. In 2014, while signing up for RCIA, she decided to take a leap of faith and apply to teach Catholic school to further her faith development. After two years in 6th grade at Sacred Heart, her family was given the opportunity to move to Lakeland, Florida. There she taught third grade at Resurrection Catholic School. After two years in Florida, Mrs. Brach was ready to return home to her family and friends here in Knoxville. At SJNCS, Mrs. Brach is the 6th grade Math and Science teacher as well as the communications director for the school and parish. Mrs. Brach is married with two young boys who attend St. John Neumann. She feels very blessed to be part of the SJN community and say that SJN truly feels like home!

What We're Learning This Year

6th grade Math

The 6th grade math class uses the Diocesan and State Mathematics Standards to align the curriculum. We use the text as well as other resources to engage and challenge the students. The primary skills covered in 6th grade are: the number system (integers, estimation, decimals, and fractions), ratios and proportional relationships, expressions and equations, geometry, and probability. In this class, students will use a variety of individual assignments, group discovery, partner work, and project based learning. We will also use the iPads in class for different activities as fit for projects and exploration.

6th Grade Science

Middle school Science courses are year long courses which continue to add to the basic fundamentals laid down in elementary level science classes.  The courses are spiraled general science providing introduction and adding to the needed concepts to be encountered on the high school level of science.

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