St. John Neumann Catholic School

PTMO (Parent Teacher Ministry Organization)

Throughout each school year, SJNCS receives substantial support from it’s parent organization, the PTMO (Parent Teacher Ministry Organization). This talented group of parents provides countless hours of time, talent and treasure to our school.

A note from our PTMO President:

I hope everyone has had a great start to the 2018/2019 year here at SJNCS! I feel so blessed to be a part of a school that has such a dedicated and giving group of teachers and staff. It feels like “home” to me, and I hope it will soon feel that way to your family. The Parent Teacher Ministry Organization (PTMO) is here to make our school environment the best it can be for our children and staff. If you would like to know how you can get more involved, please feel free to call or email me.


Natalie Judy



President: Natalie Judy

Vice President: Lori Smith

Secretary: Renee Hamling

Treasurer: Jennifer McEnery



St. John Neumann Parent Teacher Ministries Organization (PTMO) exists to bring families and school staff together in common support of the Parish and School missions. The organization is a collaborative effort of parents and teachers, each holding the other in esteem, working together to provide the best spiritual and intellectual education.

Purpose & Goals
  • To engender and encourage a greater appreciation of Catholic education especially within St. John Neumann Catholic School
  • To encourage family involvement and participation in spiritual, intellectual, social and physical programs of the school and parish
  • To offer support and assistance to the Principal for improvements and programs that are designed for the enrichment of school life
  • To assist the school in its financial needs through well-planned and organized fundraisers
  • To encourage and support family life though family involvement in projects and events

PTMO hosts an annual meeting for all parents where a speaker is brought in to address topics relevant to our student population. Many other various committee and special events meetings are held throughout the year.

Benefits Provided to the School by the PTMO

School Gifts:

  • 26 iPads & mobile iPad charging station
  • 39 virtual student desktop computers with flat screen monitors
  • 31 teacher desktop computers
  • Two teacher laptops
  • 40 wireless laptops for middle school writing lab
  • Spirit Mascot Costume

Teacher Assistance:

  • Three teachers received Masters Degrees
  • Four teachers received Orton-Gillingham phonics program training in Atlanta, GA
  • Funds to buy supplies for each classroom

Welcome Committee (Mary Marlowe, chair)

The Welcome Committee pairs new student families with current student families. Welcome packets are provided for each family to help them become more familiar with the school. The Welcome Committee continues to pair incoming student families with current student families throughout the school year.

Fundraising (Sarah Loebner & Deana Long, co-chairs)

This committee plans and organizes our annual fundraising event. This year, “Off to the Races!” will be our derby theme.

Uniform Exchange (Kecia McConville & Melissa Mann, co-chairs)

The uniform exchange closet is located just inside the library door nearest the school office. Volunteer Staff Hours are Tuesday and Thursday 7:45AM to 8:15AM and 2:45PM to 3:15PM. The uniform closet provides families a FREE exchange of uniform wear.

Campus Beautification (Cheryl Crookshanks & Sharon Peterson, co-chairs)

Coordinates Fall and Spring Beautify Campus Days. Distributes mulch to create new flower beds, plants flowers, and weeds existing flower beds. Performs cleanup duties on the SJNCS portion of the Town of Farragut Adopt-a-Greenway program.

School Partner Programs (Lisa Davis & Andrea Gentile, co-chairs)

Monies earned in these programs are used for various school needs. Past purchases have included a pop-up tent and flags for use at school events and sporting events.

Morale & Teacher Appreciation (Jeanie Hansen & Renee Theobald, co-chairs)

  • Parents provide Wednesday treats for all school staff throughout the year.
  • Teachers are treated to several luncheons which include fun door prizes and teacher gifts.
  • Christmas luncheon consisting of many delicious dishes made by committee members
  • End of the year celebration at Connor’s Restaurant

Spirit Wear (Carol Anne Long & Jennifer Noell, co-chairs)

  • Sells Spirit Wear and SJN related items at a booth during Information Day & other times during the school year.
  • Organizes the SJN Tailgate Party at Knoxville Catholic High School Community Tailgate

Homeroom Parent Coordinator (Sarabeth Bentley, chair)

The committee chair provides support for the designated homeroom parent volunteers who help teachers throughout the year with class-specific activities. The chair distributes timely email communications regarding PTMO committee activities and urgent requests for school-affiliated activities.