How can I help?

Each day the students, faculty and staff of St. John Neumann Catholic School assemble to dedicate themselves to the uniquely rewarding experience of a Catholic-centered education. Through the enthusiasm of its students, creativity of its faculty, and the leadership of its administration, SJNCS creates an environment in which minds are challenged, community service is integral and Catholic faith is allowed to mature. Those who share in this experience are truly the beneficiaries of a special gift. Like most gifts, the SJNCS experience does not come without a cost. Providing the outstanding educational, spiritual, art and athletic experiences students receive at St. John Neumann requires funding beyond what tuition provides. The financial resources necessary to support the wide range of academics and extracurricular activities are substantial.

The Annual Fund at St. John Neumann Catholic School generates important operating support, helping to bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating each student. Your dollars help purchase classroom materials, visual and performing art supplies, technology, physical education equipment, library resources, and more…keeping tuition affordable and SJNCS accessible to those striving for the best Catholic education in the region.

Each parish and school family is asked to participate in the Annual Fund. No matter how much you may be able to give, your support of the Annual Fund makes a tremendous difference and touches each and every child at SJNCS. Participating at an amount meaningful to your family is at the heart of this annual appeal.