Welcome to Second Grade

Meet Mrs. Sompayrac

Mrs. Sompayrac has been a part of the St. John Neumann School community for 16 years in many different capacities. She has four boys: one in college, two high schoolers, and one in Kindergarten. She has been a parent, a teaching assistant, a coach, and a teacher.

Second Grade at a Glance

  • Daily, integrated faith formation across subject areas

  • Mass 2x/week, Mass readings and gifts; faith retreats

  • Engaging, hands-on science and math activities, & social studies including:

    o   States of matter, magnets

    o   Place value/computation, money, time, linear & capacity measurement

    o   Maps & communities, ‘All About Tennessee,’ producers & consumers

  • Writing across content areas

  • Superkids language Arts Program

  • Weekly ‘Specials’ classes- Art, P.E., Music, Spanish, Library, and Community Service

    Faith Formation:
    February  – SJN Sacrament of First Reconciliation
    April – SJN Sacrament of First Eucharist

    Friday Folders come home each Friday. Please check and clean out your child’s Friday Folder each week.


Mon:Tech 11:50-12:20  PE 2:25-2:55 

Tue:Lib 1:50-2:20.  Span 2:25-2:55 

Wed:Music 1:10-1:40 

Thur:Span 1:15-1:45  PE 2:35-3:00 

Fri:Art 11:50-12:20  PE 1:10-1:40

Lunch 11:15-11:45  

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