Welcome to Middle School

Meet Mrs. Adams

Mrs. Adams is originally from Louisville, Kentucky, and has been in Knoxville for about 21 years. She has three children, one daughter and two sons, and two beautiful grandchildren.

Mrs. Adams was the first middle school teacher at SJNCS. She started before the middle school wing was even built. She taught both of her boys here through the years, and her oldest son was in the very first graduating class of St. John Neumann.

Mrs. Adams loves being at SJNCS, especially being in the middle school. She loves the sense of faith and community that fills our halls and classrooms. Her favorite thing about middle school is watching the students blossom into a version of the adults they will become. It is amazing to see how much they grow. She also says they’re very fun to be around!

When she is not teaching, she loves hanging out with her family, reading, and knitting.

What We're Learning This Year

7th and 8th grade literature addresses literature techniques and terminology regarding many genres. Areas of study will include reading strategies and comprehension strategies that focus on higher-level thinking skills. We use the text, and it is supplemented by novel studies. Outside reading is required, along with Accelerated Reading tests. In Vocabulary the areas of study will include correct spelling and knowledge of the meaning and usage of the words.

AR: Seventh grade students are required to accumulate 16 AR points per quarter.

AR: Eighth grade students are required to accumulate 20 AR points per quarter.

8th grade American History covers the history of the United States from Reconstruction through modern times. We include opportunities to discuss and debate historical and current topics.


Friday Folders come home each Friday. please check and clean out your child’s Friday Folder each week.